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Hi there!

2012-05-30 07:55:30 by NiteCrow

Hey, i'm NightCrow (the username was taken, so i went with nite instead : /). Some of you might already know me, but i'm still not really know around this website. Well, that's it for that kind of introduction (which was kinda cheesy), now for my main news! I passed all my exams (yes, i had 10th grade exams D:) and, well, i'm really glad that the results are really awesome. I actually had only 3 exam, which were Lithuanian (my native language), Maths and English. I've got 72/90 in Lithuanian (that's a 9 out of a possible 10), 52/57 in maths (that's a 10 out of 10! yay :D) and 60/65 in English (that's 9 D: could have had 64/65 if it was stated that it is an informal, not formal report D:). Anyways, really glad that i passed them better than i expected.

A bit more about myself. I'm just a normal guy from Lithuania, who prefers chatting with english people to chatting his own nation. It's just that it's a bit different culture. Of course, seeing lithuanians in english sites is really fun, but it is rare. Erm, i love playing basketball, sometimes even football, i like doing nothing in school and then getting good grades while i'm doing so :D In my free time i like drawing, altho i'm not really good at it...But i'm still learning... I also sometimes create music...But i'm also not very good at it...
Now for stuff you might see from me in the future. I might get back into animating, if i don't lose my patience ^^ And i'm going to study programming, so you might see some games from me.

Anyway, feel free to dump your thoughts in the comments section. Bye! ^^